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Phase 6.4 Release Notes

Released on May, 2024


The Hire2Retire Phase 6.4 release has introduced a wide range of new features and improvements designed to elevate the Hire2Retire user experience and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Primarily, Hire2Retire now allows users to create custom Service Desk integrations using REST Connectors, offering the flexibility of integration with any third-party Service Desk-application-supporting REST API. Users can define multiple REST Connectors within their Service Desk applications, facilitating the creation of Service Desk tickets for various lifecycles.

In addition, Hire2Retire now supports API integration solutions for Zoho, offering an efficient alternative to traditional methods. The email write-back feature is also now available for Zoho integrations, automatically updating email addresses in Zoho and ensuring seamless communication during employee onboarding and lifecycle updates.

Furthermore, Hire2Retire continues to expand its SCIM provisioning capabilities by introducing support for both nine additional third-party applications and HR attributes for Service Desk mapping. It leverages the Manual File Upload feature within the Hire2Retire user interface by dropping files onto the flow design page, to process multiple employees at a time. With these enhancements and new features, Hire2Retire continues to evolve as a comprehensive solution for HR and identity management integration, empowering users with unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in managing employee lifecycles.

New Features

Custom Service Desk Integrations Using REST Connectors

Hire2Retire now supports the ability to integrate with any third-party Service Desk application that supports REST API for integration. Users can define multiple REST Connectors within the Service Desk applications by providing the API definitions. The REST Connector facilitates the creation of Service Desk tickets for the selected lifecycle.

Zoho API Integration Support

Hire2Retire now supports API integration solutions for Zoho. In contrast to the conventional file extract method, customers can use an API solution to efficiently set up employee lifecycle synchronization between Zoho and Directory Services through adaptable data retrieval with customizable schedules that offer enhanced flexibility to users.

Zoho Email Write-Back Support

Hire2Retire now supports the feature to write business emails back to Zoho upon successful employee onboarding. Additionally, the feature to update email addresses when changes occur during the update lifecycle is available, providing improved communication and quicker response times.

Additional SCIM Connectors

Hire2Retire continues to enhance its SCIM provisioning capabilities by introducing support for nine additional third-party applications. Users can now establish seamless integrations between Hire2Retire and these applications, automating the provisioning and de-provisioning processes for targeted employees. The newly supported applications are:

  1. AcitveCampaign
  2. Gong
  3. HubSpot
  4. Mediafly
  5. Oneflow
  6. Outreach
  7. Procore
  8. Quip
  9. Zapier


HR Attribute Data Mapping under Service Desk Configuration

Hire2Retire now supports the mapping of HR attributes across all Service Desk applications, enabling users to create tickets using attributes from both HR and identity management systems.

Manual File Upload in Hire2Retire UX

In addition to manually processing employees in the Hire2Retire user interface through form submission, Hire2Retire now offers the option to process employees by dropping files onto the flow design page. This feature provides users with the flexibility to process multiple employees at once. This feature is available for flows that use the Report or Extract Data integration method.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. Resolved the issue of displaying email write-back events. Hire2Retire now only show email write-back events on the observe page when there is an email change in HR.
  2. Relocated the employee attribute exclusion list to the last position under each lifecycle.
  3. Updated labels to better align with users’ understanding.
  4. Scheduled report notifications and reports now display events in the local time zone, enhancing user experience. Instead of showing events with execution times in GMT format, Hire2Retire converts and presents them in the user's local time zone on the observe page, in emails, and in event reports.
  5. Addressed the issue of shared mailboxes, ensuring the removal of licenses and group memberships after converting a mailbox to a shared mailbox to prevent data loss.
  6. Enhanced performance in handling Azure group memberships.
  7. Hire2Retire now supports one more option of deleting accounts after 60 days.
  8. If the user selects a userAccountControl value other than the defined ones (512, 514, 66048, and 66050), an error message will be displayed with a description of the unsupported AccountControl value.
  9. When multiple entries with the same employee ID are found in AD, account deletion is scheduled if the aging period interval is in the future according to the termination date; else, the account is deleted immediately after termination.
  10. If groups with the same display name exist in group memberships like Azure AD DL, the error message in a partial success status will show multiple entries found.