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Phase 6.2 Release Notes

Released on March, 2024


The Hire2Retire Phase 6.2 release introduces a wide range of new features and improvements that elevate the user experience and streamline talent management processes.

The addition of API-Based Integrations for Oracle HCM workflows provides users with an efficient way to configure employee lifecycle synchronization. Hire2Retire also offers integrations with Greenhouse ATS, facilitating direct pre-boarding to Identity Management Systems. By adding an employee ID placeholder, Hire2Retire ensures a smooth transition from Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to Human Capital Management (HCM) and Active Directory (AD).

Hire2Retire now displays group change details for Azure AD Distribution and O365 groups in the observe page. AI Insights are also now available for Azure AD Group Memberships to leverage machine learning algorithms and streamline configurations. Other updates include the ability to selectively purge attributes upon termination, remove employees after a specified aging period, and convert terminated user mailboxes to shared mailboxes based on user-defined conditions. Additionally, users can now terminate multiple identities with the same Employee ID, and support for Active Directory userAccountControl values 66048 and 66050 enhances flexibility for password never expire policies.

New Features

API-Based Integrations for Oracle HCM

Hire2Retire now supports API integration solutions for Oracle HCM. In contrast to the conventional file extract method, customers can use an API solution to efficiently set up employee lifecycle synchronization between Oracle HCM and Directory Services through adaptable data retrieval with customizable schedules that offer enhanced flexibility to users.

Greenhouse ATS Support

Hire2Retire now supports integrations with Greenhouse ATS. By using a user-defined employee placeholder ID, Hire2Retire customers can now pre-board candidates from Greenhouse ATS directly to their Identity Management System before the official start date. ATS integrations come with comprehensive configuration options for the entire employment lifecycle, including the Hire, Update, and Termination phases.

ATS-HCM to AD Integration Support

Hire2Retire has added a solution to enable efficient management of employee accounts in the Identity Management System (IMS) during the transition from Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to Human Capital Management (HCM). By using a user-defined employee ID placeholder to address the challenge of disparate employee IDs between the ATS and HCM systems, Hire2Retire can now recognize when candidates are hired and start work and reflect that status in both the integrated ATS and HCM workflows. With this feature, Hire2Retire customers can now synchronize employee data and automate employee lifecycle management through the hiring and pre-boarding processes.


Support For Static DL Group Updates

Hire2Retire now displays group change details for Azure AD Distribution and O365 groups in the Hybrid AD integration flows and Azure AD Distribution groups in the Azure AD integration flows. Upon processing an employee event, users will be able to see all the groups added, retained, and removed to an employee under Employee Data on the Observe page.

AI Insights for Azure AD Group Memberships Configuration

Hire2Retire now supports AI Insights for Azure AD Group Memberships, which leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze the current distribution of employees in the Azure Active Directory and their existing group memberships. The system then provides users with suggested rules for defining group memberships based on selected HR attributes and values. This feature is designed to substantially reduce the time required for group membership configurations, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

Purge Selected Attributes Upon Termination

Hire2Retire now offers users the ability to selectively purge attributes upon termination. With this feature, administrators can choose to remove sensitive data such as phone numbers and personal addresses during the termination process.

Remove Selected Employee After Aging Period

Hire2Retire now supports the automatic deletion of employee profiles after a specified aging period. With this feature, administrators can define rules such as deleting seasonal user accounts after 3 months and regular user accounts after 6 months.

Conditional Shared Mailboxes

Hire2Retire now supports converting a terminated user’s mailbox to a shared mailbox based on specific user-defined conditions. For instance, mailboxes belonging to roles such as sales executives and titles from directors and above will be preserved after departure. At the same time, the accounts for interns and junior-level positions will not be retained. This enables the conversion of mailboxes to shared mailboxes only for crucial employees after their departure.

Terminate User and Admin Accounts with the Same Employee ID

Hire2Retire now supports terminating multiple identities with the same Employee ID from the identity management system. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that create separate admin and user identities for the same employee in the AD. The workflow will process all the downstream processes like creating tickets in the ITSM system for all the associated identities.

Support user account control of 66048 and 66050

Hire2Retire now supports additional Active Directory userAccountControl values: 66048 (Account Enabled, Password Never Expires option) and 66050 (Account Disabled, Password Never Expires option). This feature is particularly beneficial for users who require a password never expire policy. Users can now choose to create an AD account with the values 66048 or 512 based on the employee type. The selected policies will persist throughout the entire lifecycle for each employee account.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. Improved the Audit Trail layout to enhance user experience.
  2. Identified lifecycle emails as system-generated communications, featuring a footer message in each lifecycle email: “This is an auto-generated from Hire2Retire workflow <flow name> for <account name>. Please do not reply to this email address.”
  3. Updated the timestamp on the Hire2Retire observation page and in emails containing event reports to reflect the user's local time zone.
  4. Hire2Retire will no longer support the termination aging period, which was used to update terminated employee accounts. Instead, Hire2Retire will stop updating any employee once the account has been terminated.
  5. Added a “Form Saved” snack bar when saving configuration forms.
  6. Introduced the date format YYYYMMDD for Ceridian HR date attributes.
  7. Improved the loading time of the Hire2Retire user interface.
  8. Enhanced error messages to provide clearer details.
  9. As it may take from 30 minutes to 24 hours for a user created in Azure AD to reflect in Microsoft Exchange Online, Hire2Retire has introduced a delay in processing Azure AD static distribution lists when onboarding new employees.