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Phase 5.5 Release Notes

Released on September, 2023


The Hire2Retire Phase 5.5 release adds multiple new features and enhancements to the product, chosen and implemented based on feedback from our customers and analysis of market trends.
Multi-Domain AD Support enables seamless connections to multiple Active Directory domains in one Hire2Retire workflow and efficient management of employee profiles within the target domain. HR File Extract Monitoring allows for prompt reporting of file extractions and immediate alerts for potential delays. In addition, Hire2Retire has introduced integration with the Paycom API, offering a standard REST-based interface for near real-time communication with the Paycom System. Hire2Retire’s SCIM Provisioning feature also now supports integrations with 15 new applications, streamlining the automation of provisioning and data synchronization across various systems.

Furthermore, Hire2Retire has enhanced its capabilities with Shared Mailbox Support in workflow integrated with AD, enabling the conversion of personal mailboxes into shared ones upon employee termination. Two new UPN Duplication Handling rules provide flexibility in configuring UPN formats to accommodate diverse business use cases, and IT Service Management (ITSM) integration is now available for hire date-based workflows, allowing for effortless ticket customization across popular ITSM applications. These features and enhancements collectively empower users to efficiently manage HR processes and data integration, improving overall productivity and reliability.

We have also made minor improvements and bug fixes to the existing capabilities. These features and enhancements collectively empower users to efficiently manage HR processes and data integration, improving overall productivity and reliability.

New Features

Multi-Domain AD Support in Hire2Retire Workflows

Hire2Retire now supports connections to multiple Active Directory (AD) domains in one workflow. By establishing connections to all domain controllers with transit trust, users can now efficiently create and update user data to the respective domain controllers based on employee attributes like company name and location. This feature also addresses duplication issues in UPN, mail, proxyAddress, and sAMAccount.

HR File Extract Monitoring

To address potential delays in employee file extraction due to connection issues or HR system glitches, Hire2Retire now supports a File Extract Check that ensures timely reporting by checking if Hire2Retire successfully receives reports from HR systems at the scheduled time. Users will receive alerts if no file has been processed within 30 minutes after the scheduled time.

Paycom API-based Integration

Hire2Retire introduces integration with the Paycom API, providing a standard REST-based interface for near real-time communication with the Paycom System. In addition to the existing SFTP-based file extraction solution, this feature offers an API-based integration solution for retrieving employee data, supporting both delta and full extraction capabilities.

New SCIM Provisioning Applications

In the 5.5 release, Hire2Retire extends its integration capabilities by adding SCIM Provisioning support for 15 new applications. Using SCIM Provisioning, users can establish integrations between Hire2Retire and select third-party applications, enabling automated provisioning and de-provisioning for target employees. The new applications supported are:

  1. Medplum
  2. Udemy
  3. BigPanda
  4. Gluu
  5. Acunetix360
  6. ServiceTitan
  7. Walkme
  8. GoFormz
  9. Jostle
  10. Dialpad
  11. Contentful
  12. Lucid
  13. Teamviewer
  14. AlexisHR
  15. Reward Gateway


Support for Shared Mailboxes in Hybrid AD Setups

Hire2Retire now offers support for shared mailboxes in workflows integrated with a Hybrid AD setup, allowing users to convert an employee's personal mailbox into a shared mailbox upon termination. Managers can continue to access emails sent to the terminated employee through the shared mailbox, ensuring uninterrupted communication and preserving important connections and conversations. Users can also customize mailbox settings, including removing aliases, changing display names, and setting up automatic replies.

Additional UPN Duplication Handling Rules

Hire2Retire has introduced two new UPN duplication handling rules to accommodate various business use cases. These rules provide flexibility in configuring UPN formats for users:

  1. Initial UPN will be set as [first name intial/preferred name_initia][last name], and the duplication UPN will be set as [first name intial/preferred name_initia][middle name initial][last name]
  2. Initial UPN will be set as [first name/preferred name][last name], then [first name/preferred name].[middle name initial][last name]

ITSM Integration for Date-Based Workflows

Hire2Retire now supports IT Service Management (ITSM) integration for workflows that process employees based on hire and termination dates. This feature enables users to set up and customize tickets with AD and Azure AD attributes in popular ITSM applications such as Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, and ServiceNow.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. The on-premises agent is now available for installation on Windows OS systems.
  2. Hire2Retire now supports Many-to-One Group-to-Role Mapping in SCIM provisioning. This enhancement enables users to map multi-select groups to a single defined role. Employees who belong to any of the selected groups will be automatically assigned the defined role.
  3. In the updated Paycom integration process, the Hire2Retire workflow connects to the Paycom SFTP server at runtime, retrieves newly arrived files, and transfers them to the RoboMQ internal SFTP server for subsequent processing.
  4. The form validation for ITSM integration has been improved to highlight proper warning signs when data mismatches occur.
  5. The display issue in multiple pages of flow search results has been resolved.
  6. The issue where Hire2Retire couldn't process employee attributes with value as double quotes has been resolved.
  7. The "isEmpty" operation has been added to the filter options.
  8. Improved the logic for synchronizing employee attributes when an employee is on leave.
  9. A label alignment issue on the MySQL archival page has been corrected.