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The Hire2Retire Phase 4.7 release adds new features and significant enhancements to the product based on market needs and customer feedback.
Two of the most notable additions in the 4.7 release are the company admin and recipe-sharing features. The company admin feature simplifies workflow management by providing company admins with read and write access to all flows created within their company. With the recipe-sharing feature, Hire2Retire users can now share flow configurations across the enterprise, facilitating collaboration and ensuring consistency.
Additionally, the "Flow History" feature now allows users to track flow changes and revert to previous flow configurations quickly, promoting greater efficiency and accuracy.
The options for handling duplicate UPN values have been expanded, giving users greater flexibility and control. With the new UPN prefix options, users can customize their workflow to better suit their needs and build their own prefix format or custom rule.
Furthermore, there are other minor improvements to existing capabilities and bug fixes listed below.

New Features

Impersonate users to manage workflows

Hire2Retire now supports functionality to impersonate users to manage workflows. An account can be assigned as a company admin and it will have read and write permission for all flows created within the same company. This feature gives company admins convenience to manage and review any flows without reaching out to the original flow creator.

Share workflows as Recipies

Hire2Retire now supports functionality to share workflows as recipies, allowing users to share flow configurations across multiple accounts. Users can share any workflow to the entire enterprise, individual recipients, or save it as a private recipe. The entire flow configuration will be shared in the recipe except the authentication data. Recipients who receive the shared recipe can create flows with the same configurations as the recipe, allowing for easier collaboration and improved consistency across the enterprise.

Track and Revert Changes with Workflow versions and restore

Hire2Retire now has a Workflow versions and restore feature that stores a new version of a flow whenever it is successfully deployed. Users can restore the flow configuration to any previously deployed version, making it convenient to check previous settings or redeploy a previous version.

Expanded Options for Handling Duplicate UPN Values

Hire2Retire now offers more options to handle duplicate UPN values. In addition to appending 01, 02... or 1, 2, 3... to address duplicate UPN (user principal name) values, users can choose from the following UPN prefix options:

  1. {First Name}.{Last Name}
  2. {First Name Initial}{Last Name}, then increment first name initial.
  3. {First Name Initial}{Last Name}, then add middle name initial, then increment first name initial.
  4. {First Name}{Last Name Initial}, then increment last name initial.
  5. {First Name}{Last Name Initial}, then add middle name initial, then increment last name initial.

In addition to these 5 common options, users can also build their own UPN prefix format or build a custom rule by sending a request to the RoboMQ support team.


Design Step Change Detection

Hire2Retire now detects changes between flow design steps. Whenever users navigate between design steps, Hire2Retire will automatically check for unsaved changes and prompt users to save them before leaving the page. This feature enhancement ensures that users never accidentally lose their work and provides a more seamless design experience.

Enhanced AD and Azure AD Attribute Validation and Error Reporting

Hire2Retire now provides detailed failure messages when creating or updating employees in AD and Azure AD. Before sending the employee data to AD and Azure AD, the Hire2Retire workflow will validate all AD attributes using the formatting rules provided in AD and Azure AD product documentation and provide a full list of all the attributes that do not meet the requirements. This feature will make it easier for users to identify and fix errors when creating or updating employee data.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. Fixed the Paycom connection folder path display issue in the connection management page.
  2. Allowed users to reset profile data after canceling changes.
  3. Removed the deployment warning dialog box when admin deploys flow from their own account.
  4. Revalidated the filter settings whenever HR Data Definition changes.
  5. Resolved the issue where services were unable to display Excel formula errors generated by customers.