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ServiceNow on Hire2Retire supports Basic Authentication and OAuth

We at RoboMQ pay utmost attention to keep your account secure. See our Security and Privacy Policies to learn more about how RoboMQ handles your account access.

Object Permission
User Can Provision and Deprovision Users

Generate Basic Auth credentials in ServiceNow

Learn how to generate Basic Auth credentials on ServiceNow.

Set up OAuth in ServiceNow

To set up OAuth in ServiceNow , we need to install these plugins on the instance.

  • SCIM v2
  • OAuth2.0
  • Rest API Access Policy

Learn How to install SCIM v2 plugin on ServiceNow.

Similarly, install OAuth2.0 and Rest API Access Policy plugins.

After this, We need to generate Client Credentials of an Application Registry. Follow the steps mentioned here .

Note: By default, an application registry named SCIM API is created internally when the SCIM plugin is installed. We can select this application to get the client id and client secret. This application already have a pre-configured 'REST API Access Policy' neccessary for performing SCIM endpoint requests. If we create a custom application by following the official documentation mentioned above, it won't have 'Rest API Access Policy' configured. We will have to create a 'REST API Access policy' by following the documentation mentioned in next step otherwise we will receive error while performing SCIM endpoint requests.

Learn how to create 'REST API Access Policy' here

ServiceNow Basic Auth

To link your ServiceNow account using Basic Authentication, you first have to specify your Instance URL.

ServiceNow Basic Authentication

Figure 1. Authentication Form for ServiceNow Basic Authentication on RoboMQ Hire2Retire

What is an Instance URL?

When you visit the website, you can find the ServiceNow URL as This URL is your domain name.

Servicenow Instance URL

Figure 2. Instance URL for ServiceNow

ServiceNow OAuth

To link your ServiceNow account using OAuth, you first have to specify your Instance URL, Client Id and Client Secret.

Servicenow OAuth

Figure 3. Authentication Form for ServiceNow OAuth on RoboMQ Hire2Retire