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Hire2Retire provides Integration capabilities with popular ITSM applications. These integrations can be used to create ITSM tickets for downstream processes for smooth handling of employee lifecycle changes like onboarding, offboarding, transfers etc.
You can choose one or more ITSM applications for creating the tickets.

After an employee's lifecycle change is synced to AD/Azure AD, the configured ITSM tickets are created. You can map attributes from the AD system to add relevant information in the created tickets. These are the currently supported ITSM applications.

  1. Jira Software
  2. Jira Work Management
  3. Jira Service Management
  4. ServiceNow
  5. Freshservice
  6. SolarWinds

Integration Design Page

Figure 1. Integration on Hire2Retire

Adding ITSM Integration to your workflow

Once you configure the H2R Core section, You can click on the Add Integration button in the popup to configure ITSM tickets to be created on the various lifecycle changes. Integration Dialog Box

Figure 2. Integration Dialog Box

Benefits of using Integration

  1. Ensure smooth downstream process to enhance employee experience with the creation of tickets in your ITSM application.
  2. Make the process of employee onboarding easier and predictable for a better First day at work experience for your employees.
  3. Ensure that all compliances are carried out at times of onboarding and termination of employees.

Simply click on the Add Integration button and start creating your tickets from today!