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Communication Hub

Communication Hub is used to create custom email templates based on the lifecycle events that are performed such as Preboarding, Onboarding, Profile Update, Scheduled Termination, Termination, Leave.

Mail Templates allow you to use data from your Identity Management System (Active Directory or Azure Active Directory or Google Directory) as well as from different HR attributes to create email subject or body.

An email template can be used in multiple flows. You can also use multiple email templates for a lifecycle event.

Communication Hub Overview

Figure 1. Communication Hub Overview

Creating an Email Template

You can create an email template for different Identity Management Systems and Lifecycle events.

  • Step 1: On this step, Click on the Create New Template button on top, enter Template Name and select lifecycle event(s) for which you want to create the template. An email template can be created for multiple lifecycle event(s). You can check Define a condition based on Directory attributes to receive mail where the condition(s) will be defined of Directory attributes such as first select attribute then operation for it and then define the condition according to requirement. You will receive mail when the condition(s) of attributes are satisfied.

    Creating a new template

    Figure 2. Creating a new Template

  • Step 2: Fill the email format. The From field is by default and disabled. You can fill multiple comma seperated values in To, cc, Bcc. You can also check Notify Manager checkbox if they want to send mail to the the manager. Note that it is mandatory to fill either one of two fields, i.e., To or Notify Manger. Reply to field signifies the email of person who should get reply if someone replies to an email sent from Every field supports mapping from the mapping table available.

  • Step 3: Fill the mandatory subject and body field. Email body supports multiline text. After filling all mandatory fields, click on the Save button. You have successfully created your email template and it will be auto-selected in the respective lifecycle event.

    Filling a new template

    Figure 3. Filling a new Template

  • Step 4: You can also choose the atrributes from Append previous and new value of the selected attributes to message body so, that if we made any changes in the selected Directory attributes while performing any lifecycle events then the email will be received by you with the updated attributes detail.

    Filling a new template

    Figure 4. Filling a new Template

Actions on an Email Template

Actions on Email Template

Figure 4. Actions on Email Template

View/Edit a Template

You can view and edit a template and make the changes in the form according to the need. Then, there are two options available i.e. Save which will save the edited template as a new 'version' of the template in the particular flow only and Save & Update which will update the template in all flows and make it as a [Default] template.

View/Edit a Email Template

Figure 5. View/Edit an Email Template

Clone Template

This option creates a clone of the template. The clone is identical to the original template and can be edited to create a similar changes.