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Webflow on Hire2Retire supports API Key Authentication

An API key serves as a security token, facilitating authentication and authorization to access and interact with the SCIM API offered by the application. Webflow provides a number of ways to interact with a Webflow account for the users. The REST API they provide allows you to add and configure users on a Webflow account including provisioning and deprovisioning.

We at RoboMQ pay utmost attention to keep your account secure. See our Security and Privacy Policies to learn more about how RoboMQ handles your account access.

Object Permission
User Can Provision and Deprovision Users

Generate API Key in Webflow

For API Key generation users must have a Webflow account. To authenticate a connection , you must use your API Key, Customer ID and the Webflow base URL i.e. ''.

To get customer Id go to site settings, click on general and copy the site Id.

Learn how to Generate API Key on Webflow.

Webflow API Key Auth

To link your Webflow account using API Key Authentication, you have to specify your Instance URL, Customer ID and API Key.

Webflow Connection

Figure 1. Authentication Form for Webflow on RoboMQ Hire2Retire

Once the connection is established successfully, then you can define the roles and mapping on Hire2Retire Provisioning.