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Service Titan on Hire2Retire supports OAuth Client Credentials

The Client Credentials Flow involves an application exchanging its application credentials, such as client ID and client secret, for an access token.

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Object Permission
User Can Provision and Deprovision Users

Client Credentials in Service Titan

Login to developer portal and select My Apps tab. From here you can manage your existing apps, add new apps, choose the API scopes, add tenant IDs for anyone you want to make your app visible to and subscribe to and generate an app key.

For new application:

  1. Select “+ New App”

  2. Fill all the required fields and scopes

  3. Under “Client Credentials Management”, select “I, the app developer, will configure the credentials on behalf of each tenant”

  4. Click “Create App”

For more information, refer to Service Titan documentation


Figure 1. Authentication form for ServiceTitan OAuth Client Credentials on RoboMQ Hire2Retire

To establish a connection to the Service Titan on Hire2Retire Provisioning, you need to provide the following OAuth information:

  • Tenant Id - Tenant ID of the account.

  • Client Id - The client ID is a unique identifier assigned to your application when you register it as a client with the Service Titan platform.

  • Client Secret - The client secret is a confidential and unique identifier associated with your application when you register it as a client with the Service Titan platform.

  • App Key - Unique key for your app.

  • Environment Type - Environment type (Production or Integration).

Once the connection is established successfully, then you can define the roles and mapping on Hire2Retire Provisioning.