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Phase 5.6 Release Notes

Released on October, 2023


The Hire2Retire Phase 5.6 release has introduced a wide range of new features and major improvements that empower organizations with greater automation, enhanced integration capabilities, and improved data security.

One of the most important new features is that Hire2Retire users now have the ability to generate automated event processing reports, allowing them to effortlessly track employee changes across various lifecycles, ensure compliance, and swiftly identify any discrepancies.

Additionally, Hire2Retire now supports ITSM integration with Freshservice so users can efficiently create tickets, incidents, and problems under specific lifecycle business, and even trigger Freshservice employee onboarding modules. Freshservice integration with Hire2retire both streamlines IT operations and enhances customer satisfaction.

As part of the Phase 5.6 release, Hire2Retire now offers seamless integration with AD and Azure AD for those utilizing Rippling as their HRIS system, simplifying the process of managing employee profiles between Rippling and AD and Azure AD.

Hire2Retire also now enables users with Hybrid AD setups to manipulate static Distribution List memberships in Azure AD.

Furthermore, Phase 5.6 introduces support for 18 new applications through SCIM Provisioning, allowing users to automate provisioning and de-provisioning for target employees across a wide range of third-party platforms.

Beyond these new features, we've made substantial improvements in areas such as handling encrypted HR reports and providing support for different UPN and email suffixes, enhancing the product’s data security and customization options. We have also made minor improvements and bug fixes to the existing capabilities. These features and enhancements introduced in Phase 5.6 collectively empower users to efficiently manage HR processes and data integration, improving overall productivity and reliability.

New Features

Automated Event Processing Reports

Hire2Retire now offers comprehensive event processing reports that track all employee changes throughout their lifecycle business. These reports are essential for managing a large workforce, ensuring rule compliance, and detecting data discrepancies. Hire2Retire Users can now schedule automated report generations on the observe page that are sent to any specified email inboxes. Additionally, there's an instant, one-time report generation feature for reviewing data from a selected time range. Reports can be generated in both PDF and interactive HTML formats.

Supported ITSM Application: Freshservice

Hire2Retire now supports ITSM integrations with Freshservice, empowering businesses to streamline their IT operations and enhance customer satisfaction. By configuring Freshservice on Hire2Retire, users can create tickets, incidents, and problems under selected lifecycle businesses and trigger Freshservice employee onboarding modules.

Supported HR system: Rippling

The Hire2Retire platform now integrates with Rippling as an HRIS system for Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD Integration. This enables organizations to retrieve employee data from Rippling through API calls and then create and update employee profiles in the target AD system according to predefined employee attribute mappings.

Support For Static Distribution Lists in Azure AD (Hybrid AD Setup Owners Only)

Hire2Retire now supports the management of Static Distribution List memberships in Azure AD for customers who have a hybrid AD setup. When changes occur, Hire2Retire will immediately update group memberships of Distribution Lists if employee profiles already exist in Azure AD. For profiles not in AD, DL memberships will be added once employee profiles are created in AD and synced to Azure AD. Support for static distribution list management for Azure AD-only setups will be available in a future release.

New SCIM Provisioning Applications

In the 5.6 release, Hire2Retire extends its integration capabilities by adding SCIM Provisioning support for 18 new applications. Using SCIM Provisioning, users can establish integrations between Hire2Retire and select third-party applications, enabling automated provisioning and de-provisioning for target employees. The new applications supported are:

  1. Freshservice
  2. Slack
  3. NewRelic
  4. PingIdentity
  5. Thales
  6. BoxDev
  7. FactSet
  8. Hootsuite
  10. Asana
  11. Trello
  12. RingCentral
  13. Amplitude
  14. QuickBase
  15. Bonusly
  16. SAP Concur
  17. Netsuite
  18. SolarWinds


Support for processing encrypted HR employee reports

Hire2Retire now has the capability to process encrypted HR reports, ensuring the privacy and integrity of the data. Reports can be securely transmitted to RoboMQ's SFTP server and processed by the Hire2Retire workflow. Upon setting up the File Extract connection, Hire2Retire will provide users with an RSA key for encrypting reports. The Hire2Retire workflow will then decrypt files and read employee records.

Support different UPN suffixes and email suffixes.

Hire2Retire now supports different email suffixes and UPN suffixes, allowing users to maintain various domain names based on attributes such as department and location while maintaining a standard UPN suffix. Hire2Retire will define email addresses using the configured email suffix when the email suffix is defined separately.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. Support for Daylight savings time for the SLA Check feature.
  2. Refinement of field labels for better user experience and clearer information.
  3. Improved the layout of group assignments by increasing the width of the group mapping table.
  4. Removed the "isEmpty" operator and added "Exists" and "Does not Exist" operators in the filter section.
  5. Enhanced error messages to provide clear error details.
  6. Improved the Jira integration by handling the case when the summary field is empty, and handling custom fields with datepicker data type.
  7. Improved the warning for provisioning setup. A warning will now be displayed under the provisioning tag when the connection is not configured, and the deploy flow button will be disabled until the issues are resolved.
  8. Fixed the issue of not being able to search the Excel function.