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Phase 4.8 Release Notes


The Hire2Retire Phase 4.8 release brings significant new features and enhancements to the product, chosen and implemented based on customer feedback and market demand.
One of the most significant updates in this release is integration with the Deltek Costpoint HR platform, which allows customers to synchronize employee lifecycle data to AD through an employee extract using a SilkRoad-hosted SFTP server. Additionally, we have added support for email write back, enabling Hire2Retire to write new employee business email data to the HR systems of ADP and BambooHR when an employee is onboarded in AD or Azure AD.

Hire2Retire now offers lookup table mapping for all AD attributes, allowing users to map different values of a selected HR attribute to certain values of a target AD attribute, greatly enhancing flexibility and customizability for users. In addition, our team has added support for daylight-savings time when users choose to use the future hire and future termination feature, ensuring that Hire2Retire workflows will automatically adjust the time when daylight savings time starts and ends.

We have made a number of minor improvements and bug fixes to the existing capabilities to ensure that our product is as robust and user-friendly as possible.

New Features

Support For Deltek Costpoint as a new HR system

Hire2Retire now supports Deltek Costpoint as a compatible HR system. At runtime, the Hire2Retire flow will retrieve employee extract from a SilkRoad-hosted SFTP server, enabling the employee data sync between Deltek Costpoint and AD or Azure AD systems. For integrations with Deltek Costpoint, Hire2Retire supports a username & password authentication approach.

Write Email Back to HR systems

Hire2Retire now offers an email write back feature, which writes newly onboarded employees’ emails back to ADP and BambooHR applications. The emails will be initially generated in AD and later written into the business email field in HR applications. This feature offers increased convenience and efficiency for HR departments, as they will have immediate access to employee email data in their HR applications, allowing for better communication and faster response times.

Support Lookup table for AD attributes mapping

Hire2Retire now supports lookup table mapping for all AD attributes. With this feature, users can define rules to map multiple values to selected AD attributes according to the different value from selected HR attributes. Users can also define AD attribute value based on combined results from multiple HR attributes using AND/OR logics. This feature enchances user flexibility for custom attribute mapping rules,now allowing users to map domain names for employees from different companies or standardize job titles in AD when HR data comes in different formats.


Support for DST (daylight savings time) in future hire and future termination

Hire2Retire now supports daylight savings time when handling future events. Instead of relying on fixed time zone abbreviations such as EST or EDT, users can now select time zone IDs such as "New York". For countries or regions that support DST, Hire2Retire workflows will automatically adjust the time when DST starts and ends, ensuring that future hire and termination events are accurately recorded and processed.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. Fixed the missing flow issue with search flow function on the Hire2Retire manage page.
  2. Resolved the value count of "the total number of employees processed" and "the total number of employees onboarded" on the observe page for users who have configured the future hire and future termination feature.
  3. Fixed an issue with the handling of leave operations for users who have configured the future hire and future termination feature.
  4. Resolved an issue with flow status and history mismatch when users modify the same flows from different browser tabs.
  5. If the target employee is in a disabled user state and is not in a disabled OU, Hire2Retire now enables account when receiving this employee data in active status. All Hire2Retire runtime workflows will be automatically upgraded to support this feature.
  6. Hire2Retire now supports HR attributes with multiple values for flow configuration. If thereis more than one value assigned for one employee attribute, the Hire2Retire flow will retrieve all values of the target attribute and support them for filtering or data mapping.
  7. Hire2Retire will now be able to handle common names with special characters in AD.
  8. Resolved the issue of handling group mapping filters when the defined HR attribute is empty. All Hire2Retire runtime workflows will be automatically upgraded to support this feature.