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Paycom Onboarding

Paycom is a cloud-based solution designed to streamline HR and payroll management, offering efficient tools for optimizing human resources operations within organizations. However, Paycom classifies employees into two distinct categories: "Pending New Hire" and "New Hired."

The goal of Paycom Onboarding is to enhance Hire2Retire's functionality to support the processing of "pending new hire" employees within Paycom. By expanding Hire2Retire's capabilities, organizations will benefit from a comprehensive solution that seamlessly handles all employee lifecycle stages, from onboarding to ongoing HR management. This enhancement will empower organizations to efficiently manage and integrate their entire workforce through the Hire2Retire platform.

Getting Your HR Data with Paycom Onboarding

Paycom Onboarding is an integrated solution designed to streamline the management of the pre-hire employee lifecycle. This solution selectively processes "Pending New Hire" and "Deleted New Hire" employee data, synchronizing it with Identity Management System. Paycom Onboarding is configured to apply custom rules and transformation logic defined by the customer during the setup of the integration flow.

Key Features:

  • Focuses on "Pending New Hire" and "Deleted New Hire" employee data.
  • Automates synchronization with Identity Management System.
  • Configurable with customer-defined rules and transformation logic.

Paycom Onboarding optimizes the HR data integration process, ensuring seamless management of pre-hire employee data within your organization.

There are various methods to access employee data from Paycom for automation, including API integration support provided by Hire2Retire.

Establishing a Connection

Paycom’s API supports Basic Authentication using an SID and Token. The SID and Token are used as the username and password respectively for authentication.

Only connections from specific allowed IPs are permitted to access the API, so whitelist RoboMQ's NAT IP in Paycom to configure the flow. You can contact RoboMQ support for the IP address.

Hire2Retire requires the following details to create a connection to Paycom.

  • Connection Name - This is a user-defined label for your connection. The default name is "Connection-Basic Auth," but you can customize it.
  • SID - Use the SID obtained through the portal.
  • Token - Use the Token obtained through the portal.

Connection page

Figure 1. Paycom Onboarding Connection Set Up Page


After successfully setting up the connections, proceed with the following configuration steps in the Design section to configure the workflow:

  1. Paycom Onboarding Report Definition
  2. HR to AD Profile Map
  3. Lifecycle Business Rules
  4. Employment Status
  5. Organizational Unit Assignment - Only defined in on-premise Active Directory
  6. Security Group Assignment
  7. Distribution List Assignment


After setting up your workflow, consider configuring optional features:

Alternatively, proceed to deploy and test your flow on the Hire2Retire platform. See Deploy and Test Flow for details.