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Phase 5.8 Release Notes

Released on Jan, 2024


The Hire2Retire Phase 5.8 release has introduced a wide range of new features and improvements to elevate the Hire2Retire user experience and meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Users can now seamlessly integrate Google Directory as a new identity management system to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle business through the intuitive configuration of employee data and group memberships. Support for Ceridian API integrations further enhances flexibility, allowing for the synchronization of employee lifecycle data between Ceridian and several Directory Services. We have also added many other new features, including support for External SFTP Servers, O365 groups in Hybrid AD workflows, a new Azure Blob Storage Audit Trail Option, and expanded SCIM connectors.

We've also responded to the demands for heightened security by introducing support for service principals in Azure AD connections, enabling the management of connections through registered applications. In addition, Hire2Retire has expanded Azure AD integration capabilities to accommodate customers across various geographical boundaries, with enhanced support for the US Government and China operated by 21Vianet. The release also introduces the option to retain all group memberships for post-termination group management.

Phase 5.8’s additions collectively reinforce our dedication to delivering a secure, flexible, and user-centric platform, empowering organizations to streamline their HR workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

New Features

Support for Google Directory as a new identity management system

Google Directory is now available on the Hire2Retire platform as a new identity management system. Users who use Google Directory as identity management can now efficiently integrate Google Directory with HRIS systems to manage the entire lifecycle business, configuring employee data and mapping group memberships through Hire2Retire’s user-friendly interface.

Ceridian API Integration Solution

Hire2Retire now supports Ceridian API integrations, complementing the traditional file extract method. Ceridian API integrations provide customers with the flexibility to synchronize employee lifecycle data between Ceridian and the chosen Directory Service. The API solution offers customizable schedules for data retrieval, supporting both full and delta extracts.

External SFTP Server Mechanism for Other HCMs

The Hire2Retire workflow is now able to pull extracts from external SFTP servers, facilitating seamless integrations with other HR systems or companies that manage employee extracts on their own SFTP server(s). External SFTP support eliminates the need to configure connections to the RoboMQ-hosted SFTP server.

Support for O365 groups in hybrid AD workflows

Hire2Retire now supports O365 group assignment configuration in Hybrid AD workflows. During runtime, O365 group memberships are dynamically assigned or removed based on user-configured group mapping rules.

Azure Blob Storage as a new Audit Trail Option

Hire2Retire now supports Azure Blob Storage as a new audit trail option. At runtime, events will be securely stored in four containers created for each lifecycle stage.

Expanded SCIM Connectors

Hire2Retire extends its SCIM provisioning capabilities by adding support for 8 new third-party applications. Users can establish integrations between Hire2Retire and third-party applications, automating provisioning and de-provisioning for target employees. The newly supported applications are:

  1. Fastly
  2. Fivetran
  3. OneLogin
  4. 8x8
  5. Uber
  6. Anaplan
  7. Ironclad
  8. GoHighLevel


Support for Service Principal in Azure AD Connection

In response to security demands from our customers, Hire2Retire now offers support for service principals when configuring Azure AD OAuth authentication. Using service principals allows users to manage connections through registered applications as opposed to user accounts for additional security.

Support for Azure National Clouds

Hire2Retire has expanded Azure AD integration capabilities to accommodate customers across various geographical boundaries. The platform now supports integrations with different types of Azure instances, including: 1. Azure portal for US Government 2. Azure portal China operated by 21Vianet 3. Azure portal (global service)

Retention of All Group Memberships on Termination

A new option to "retain all group membership on termination" is now available under the termination lifecycle. This option is designed to assist customers who require manual processing of group memberships upon termination. By retaining group memberships, this feature streamlines the post-termination workflow, offering greater flexibility and control over group management processes.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. Removed uncommon Excel functions
  2. Refined field labels to enhance clarity and prevent confusion, improving the overall user experience.
  3. Added a confirmation box when the user attempts to switch to risky options under the group membership whitelist.
  4. Fixed the issue where the "ask to save form" dialog appeared when there was no change.
  5. Removed case-sensitive handling on the AD Base DN path to align with the logic in the AD system.
  6. Improved error messages to more clearly identify error details.
  7. Added the manager attribute to the JSON-formatted event report.