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Greenhouse Data Definition

In this step, you will choose the attributes to process and the polling interval for your Greenhouse integration. You can also apply custom filters based on the attributes.

Full Extract

If you have selected Full Extract then Hire2Retire will process all the applications in your Greenhouse Account. The data will be processed on the basis of type of polling interval selected. Refer here. for details on polling interval.

Greenhouse  Full Extract

Figure 1. Greenhouse full extract.

Delta Extract

If you have selected Delta Extract then only the applications that have changed since the last pull will be processed. Refer here. for details on polling interval.

Greenhouse Delta Extract

Figure 3. Greenhouse delta extract.

Initial one-time full load

You can check the Initial one-time full load option if you want to process all the applications on Greenhouse as soon as the flow is deployed.

Greenhouse  Initial Pull

Figure 2. Greenhouse initial one time full load.

You can also select all, Full Extract, Delta extract and Initial One time full load and Hire2Retire will process your data in both the reports.

Select attributes you want to process

You can select the attributes from Greenhouse that you want to be processed by Hire2Retire. Hire2Retire pre-selects important attributes. Pre-selected attributes can be removed by you if you don't want them included in the report.

Greenhouse Attributes

Figure 3. Greenhouse attributes.

Apply Selection Criteria

Hire2Retire enables you to process specific events and filter out the rest by defining filter criteria. On clicking the Apply Filter button, you will be able to set up conditions using available attributes. Only applications whose attributes match the conditions will be processed. You can create complex filters using And and Or conditions.

Event Filtering for Greenhouse Data

Figure 4. Event filtering for Greenhouse data.