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Event Notification

Hire2Retire Event Notification allows you to be notified of the event processing alerts through emails in case of error or warnings in a running workflow. These notifications are based on the information that is visually available in the Observe Pane on Hire2Retire as real-time analytics. Currently in Event Notification we are showing execution time in GMT.

Event Notification allows a user to set notifications via email. You as a user can choose to be notified of all the events processed by a workflow or just the errors encountered.

To start using event notification feature for each workflow, you need to define a default compliance and audit trail configuration. The default Event Notification configuration can be done on the User Profile page and the value will be applied to all new workflows. You can also define the flow specific archival configuration by overriding the default AWS S3 archival settings. You will be asked to set the flow specific archival configuration on deploying a workflow and you can update the flow configuration anytime using the bell icon on the top right of the design page.

You can configure notification settings using the following steps

  • Add all the recipients you want to notify.
  • Select the notification level, whether you want to get the notifications for error events or for all events.
  • Enable/disable event notification (only on flow specific event notification setting page)
  • Save your settings by clicking on the save button.

Email Notification Settings

To set up email events notification, you need to have the default notification settings ready on user profile page. You will need to define your destination email address to send the notification to and the notification level - All or Error. You can provide multiple email addresses separated by spaces to notify more than one destination email.

Email Notification setting page

Figure 1. Email Notification set up on User Profile page

The default email notification settings from the User Profile page will be applied to all new workflows. You can also define the flow specific archival configuration by overriding the default AWS S3 archival settings as shown in the image below. Here you can also toggle on or off the event notification for that specific workflow.

Email notification Parameters on individual workflow during flow deployment

Figure 2. Email notification Parameters on the Individual Workflow During Workflow Deployment

Toggle Event Notification for Individual Flows on Manage Page

On Hire2Retire Manage page each workflow contains a toggle button to turn on or off event notification for that specific flow.

Refer to the image below where these toggle buttons are marked in red.

Event Notification toggle button on Manage Page

Figure 3. Event Notification Toggle Options on the Manage Page for the Individual Workflows