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Impersonate Users

Hire2Retire provides the functionality to impersonate other users in your company as a Company Admin User. The Company Admin can manage and track the workflows created by other users in their company.

Impersonating other users of your organization

  1. If you are a Company Admin of your company account, you will see the Impersonate button under the profile menu. Click on this button to enter the Impersonation mode.

    Impersonate Button

    Fig 1. 'Impersonate' button under the profile menu

  2. An orange bar at the top indicates that you are in Impersonation mode.

    Orange bar at top in Impersonation mode

    Fig 2. Impersonation mode

  3. Chose the user from your organization to impersonate from the Select Account dropdown on the Manage Page.

    Select Account to Impersonate

    Fig 3. 'Select Account' to view flows/profile

  4. As a Company Admin, you can easily view, edit, delete, pause, resume, save as a recipe, or, deploy the flows created by any other user in your organization.

    Editing other user's workflows

    Fig 4. Edit other user's workflows

  5. The Company Admin can also view or edit the profile of the user.

    View other user's profile

    Fig 5. Edit other user's profile

  6. In order to stop impersonating, you can either simply click on Stop Impersonating on the top orange bar or choose the Stop Impersonatingtab under the profile menu.

    Stop Impersonation mode

    Fig 6. Stop impersonating the user.

How to become a Company Admin of your company?

This feature allows the organization to have one or multiple users as the Company Admin. If you are the owner of the company account, reach out to our support team or mail us at to start using this feature.