Using Hire2Retire you can send custom email after the success for every lifecycle event, i.e., Hire or Rehire, Change of role or profile update, Termination, Leave of absence.

Mail Templates allow you to use data from your Identity Management System (Active Directory or Azure Active Directory) to create email subject or body. An email template can be used in multiple flows. You can also use multiple email templates for a lifecycle event.

For example, if you wants to send different mail to the manager and the IT department on successfull Hire or Rehire lifecycle event, they can create two email templates, one for the manager and other for the IT department and use them in their flow.

Email Template page

Figure 1. Email Template Overview.

And if there is an expansion panel (on left side of a template name) of any template and after opening it, there are different versions of that template such as v1, v2 etc. The 'version' is created when, on 'Communication Hub' step, while editing a template if you click on Save, a new version will be created of that template and if you click on Save & Update then a new version will be created as default template. Therefore, there will always be a default template shown as [Default]. And if no versions are available, the template is the default template.

Template View

Figure 2. Email Template View