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What is Hire2Retire

Hire to Retire is a pre-packaged integration solution for managing employee lifecycle and provisioning their identity. Hire2Retire automates business processes that were once performed manually. Using Hire2Retire the onboarding and offboarding employee processes an be achieved automatically. With Hire2Retire HR and IT Teams will be freed up and will have have more time to focus on other core areas of their business.

Hire to Retire Design Page

Figure 1. Hire to Retire Design Page

And, if you have enabled the 'Future Hire, Rehire and Termination' on Application page then in this, we have introduced a new status as "Scheduled" for the events to be processed in future, based on start date or the last day worked. Now the events count is the sum of all the success, fail and the scheduled events. The events are depicted by the following colours : -

  • Yellow - Scheduled Events
  • Green - Success Events
  • Red - Fail Events
  • Blue - In Progress Events

Future Hire, Rehire and Termination Design Page

Figure 2. Future Hire, Rehire and Termination Overview Page

After receiving Employee data from HR System, Hire2Retire will process each record with a series of predefined rules:

  1. Map HR profile to AD user identity
  2. Define HR user lifecycle events
  3. Define rules for OU assignment based on the profile
  4. Define rules for Security Group (role based access)
  5. Define rules for Distribution List Memberships
  6. Create or update user identity in Identity Management System.

Benefits of using Hire to Retire

  1. Enhance employee experience with a faster onboarding process
  2. Save operational costs by automating manual system admin work
  3. Avoid costly terminations by quickly removing employee access during offboarding
  4. Enable single sign on to manage employee access effectively

Simply click on the Create New Workflow button and start your integration solution from today!