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Zendesk on Hire2Retire uses OAuth Authentication. Please refer to the document Zendesk API documentation to know more about OAuth Authentication in Zendesk.

We at RoboMQ pay atmost attention to keep your account secure. See our Security and Privacy Policies to learn more about how RoboMQ handles your account access.

Step 1. Register OAuth Client Application in your Zendesk.

How to Register OAuth Client Application?

  1. Login to your Zendesk Admin Center

  2. Click Apps and Integrations in the sidebar, then select APIs > Zendesk APIs.

    Zendesk OAuth Client App

    Figure 1. Apps and Integration on Zendesk

  3. Click the OAuth Clients tab on the Zendesk API page, and then click Add OAuth client on the right side of the OAuth client list.

    Zendesk OAuth Client App

    Figure 2. Add OAuth Client on Zendesk

  4. Fill client name, description, company, select logo, unique identifier (Client name acts as the client id) and redirect URL (Pod redirect URL i.e., and click on the Save button.

    Zendesk OAuth Client App

    Figure 3. Provide necessary details on OAuth Client App

  5. After Save, it will generate Client Secret.

Step 2 Specify your Zendesk Domain Name. When you open your Zendesk account on the browser, you can find the Zendesk Instance URL as

Step 3 Provide the Client Secret that is generated by OAuth Client App and Client ID (Unique Identifier of OAuth Client App)

Zendesk OAuth Authentication

Figure 4. Creating Connection for Zendesk on Hire2Retire

Step 4 Click on the Link Account button, it will redirected to consent screen for allowing scopes. This consent screen only shown first time for an OAuth Client App. Users need to allow scopes, then the connection will be created.

Zendesk Allow Page

Figure 5. Allow Scope Page