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Upload HR Data

Upload HR data in Hire2Retire allows you to manually process the employee details in the identity provider, without relying on an HR system or payroll system. Here, you can perform tasks such as creating, updating, managing leaves, and terminating employees on demand through the form.

Upload HR Data

The 'Upload HR Data' button will be enabled after the flow gets deployed successfully.

Upload HR Data Button

Figure 1. Upload HR data

HR Employee Data form

  1. When you click on 'Upload HR Data' button, the HR employee form will open to fill the employee details.
  2. The required HR attributes will have asterisk (*).
  3. After filling out the form with employee details, click the submit button to process that employee.
  4. After the successfully submission, you can click the 'Submit Another Record' button to submit another record.

Upload HR Data

Figure 2. Upload HR data form

Submitted form summary

Figure 3. Submitted HR Data form summary