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Connection for Zoho API Integration

Zoho People is a Cloud-based Human Resource Management system provided by Zoho, that manages all the employee related information. In addition to the Data Extract method, Hire2Retire provides an API based approach to facilitate integration between Zoho and Directory Services.

Create a connection

  1. To authenticate your account you need to click the Link account button, which will redirect you to the Zoho sign-in page.

    Zoho Connection

  2. Here, you will need to enter the credentials of your Zoho organizational account. The account should have the organization's admin access. It is suggested to use a service account.

    Zoho Login

  3. Following successful login or signup, Zoho presents you with a permissions page. On this page, you will be asked to provide certain permissions that are required by Hire2Retire to perform its tasks. These actions typically include editing, and fetching the employee records.

    Zoho Permissions

  4. Once you've consented to the permissions, you will be redirected back to hire2retire. This redirection signifies the successful establishment of the connection between the two platforms.


Once you have successfully configured the connections, you can continue with the Design section to configure the rest of the workflow following these steps in order.

  1. HR Data Definition
  2. Lifecycle Business Rules
  3. Employment Status
  4. HR to AD Profile Map
  5. Organizational Unit Assignment - Only defined in on-premise Active Directory
  6. Security Group Assignment
  7. Distribution List Assignment


Once your workflow has been setup, you have two optional features you can setup before deploying it.

Otherwise, you can proceed to deploy and test it on the Hire2Retire platform, see Deploy and Test Flow