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Phase 5.1 Release Notes


The Hire2Retire Phase 5.1 release adds significant new features and enhancements to the product, chosen and implemented based on customer feedback and market demand.

With IT Service Management (ITSM) Integration, Hire2Retire users can now create customizable ticket events for various stages of the lifecycle business using AD or Azure AD attributes. ITSM integration further streamlines the task assignment process, making it easier and more efficient for users to build tickets that fit their unique needs. In addition, Hire2Retire now has an enhanced change tracking system, displaying comprehensive change details, attribute changes, and group modifications after processing employee lifecycle events. The new system ensures that users can stay updated on any changes and have a clearer view of evolving employee profiles.

Hire2Retire now supports Zoho and Paymaster as compatible HRIS systems, expanding the possible options for employee data integration. The Phase 5.1 release also adds several other new features and improvements, including notifying the previous manager upon employee termination, future hire and termination compatibility with On-Premises AD Agent Connections, expanded UPN duplication handling rule options, event notification UX improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features

IT Service Management (ITSM) Integration

Hire2Retire now offers built-in ITSM integration, allowing users to set up and customize tickets with AD and Azure AD attributes that Hire2Retire will automatically create in popular ITSM applications like Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, and ServiceNow. ITSM integration can be used to help IT teams keep up with a variety of tasks, such as assigning devices to new hires during onboarding, or retrieving company assets from terminated employees.

Enhanced Change Tracking for Employee Profiles

Hire2Retire now provides more detailed reports on the observe page after processing employee lifecycle events. To view the change reports, users can click on the employee data icon to view all AD or Azure AD attribute changes and group modifications. The reports will display both old and new employee attribute values and highlight any changes. For group attributes, users can find information about removed, added, and retained groups. Users will need to redeploy existing workflows to activate this new feature.

Notification to Previous Manager on Employee Termination

Hire2Retire now allows users to set up a notification to an employee's previous manager upon termination. Upon receiving a termination event with an empty manager field, Hire2Retire will purge the manager field and send a termination notification to the previous manager, ensuring seamless communication and maintaining a clean global address list (GAL). Users will need to redeploy the existing workflows to adopt this new feature.

Future Hire and Termination Support for On-Premises AD Agent Connection Type

For workflows utilizing on-premises agents as AD connection type, Hire2Retire now supports future hire and termination events. When using future hire and termination events, the system will exclusively process employees based on their designated start date and/or last day of work.

Supported HR system – Zoho

The Hire2Retire platform now supports Zoho as a compatible HR system. At runtime, Zoho will send file extracts to the RoboMQ-hosted SFTP server and the Hire2Retire workflow will process employee profiles based on the pre-defined rules set up on the Hire2Retire platform.

Supported HR system - Paymaster

The Hire2Retire platform now supports Paymaster as a compatible HR system. At runtime, Paymaster will send file extracts to the RoboMQ-hosted SFTP server and the Hire2Retire workflow will process employee profiles based on the pre-defined rules set up on the Hire2Retire platform.

New 'Release Notes' Menu

Hire2Retire now has a Release Notes menu for users to easily discover new features of the hire2retire platform. The Release Notes menu is located under the profile menu.


New UPN duplication handling rule

Hire2Retire now supports an additional UPN duplication handling rule to fit more business use cases. The UPN prefix will be generated as [ first name/preferred name ][ last name ] for the first employee, and for subsequent employees with the same name, it will be [ first name/preferred name ][ middle name initial ][ last name ].

Support AD attributes icon in observe page.

Hire2Retire now supports not only HR attributes but also AD and Azure AD attributes on the observe page. When reviewing successfully processed employee lifecycle events users can click on the employee data icon to check both HR and AD attribute information, enabling a more thorough understanding of employee profiles.

Event Notification UX improvement

Hire2Retire has enhanced the user experience for event notifications by merging the notification level and the notification on/off switch, so users can easily manage the notification status with a simple one-click action.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. Resolved an issue related to workflow redeployment: Previously, when redeploying a workflow, the old flow continued processing data during the graceful termination period. With the fix, the old flow now shuts down correctly, ensuring that no new events are processed. The new flow takes over and handles all new events seamlessly.
  2. Fixed a problem with the event service failing to process user event data that contained quote symbols.
  3. Addressed an issue related to rendering all event types on observe page when no specific event type was selected. This fix ensures that all relevant event types are correctly displayed, even when no selection is made.
  4. Fixed a rendering issue when filtering a large number of events on the observe page.
  5. Resolved Issue with Saving Forms in Lifecycle Business Rules Step for BambooHR-Triggered workflows.