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Phase 5.3 Release Notes


The Hire2Retire Phase 5.3 release adds significant new features and enhancements to the product that were chosen and implemented based on feedback from our customers and market trends.

Users with an Azure AD integration can maintain important connections and ensure communication continuity by converting a terminated employee’s mailbox into a shared mailbox. Users also have the flexibility to customize shared mailbox aliases, display names, and can set up automatic replies.

In addition, Hire2Retire now supports integrations with Paycor , allowing for seamless integration with Paycor's robust HR capabilities. Employee data is retrieved from Paycor through an API integration that facilitates employee profile creation and updates in the target AD system based on a predefined attribute mapping.

The Phase 5.3 release also includes other feature enhancements and bug fixes, including the introduction of lifecycle and operation concepts that provide detailed processing results for different stages of the lifecycle business. The sign-up process has also been fortified with user account validation measures that reject invalid email domains and ensure a secure and legitimate user base.

New Features

Turn mailboxes into shared mailboxes upon termination (Azure AD Integrations Only)

Hire2Retire now allows users to convert an employee's personal mailbox into a shared mailbox upon their termination. With shared mailboxes, managers can continue to receive and view emails sent to the terminated employee through the shared mailbox, even after the employee's account has been removed. This ensures uninterrupted communication and preserves connections and conversations of importance.
In addition, users can customize the mailbox settings in several ways, including removing mailbox aliases, changing the mailbox’s display name, and setting up automatic replies. This feature is currently only available for users with an Azure AD integration, but we are looking to add the capability to On-Prem AD integrations in future releases.

Supported HR system – Paycor

The Hire2Retire platform now supports Paycor as a compatible HRIS system for AD Integration, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate and manage employee profiles between Paycor and AD. At runtime the Hire2Retire workflow retrieves employee data from Paycor using an API, then creates and updates employee profiles in the target AD system according to a predefined employee attribute mapping.


User Account validation during the Sign-up process.

Hire2Retire has improved the sign-up process by adding malicious and gibberish account validation measures. Emails with gibberish content and invalid email domains will be automatically rejected during the account creation process, safeguarding against the creation of potentially fraudulent or invalid accounts. In addition, Hire2Retire now supports reCAPTCHA on sign-in and sign-up pages to enhance account security and protect against automated bot attacks.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. The inner table on the observe page has been removed when there is only one successful core event.
  2. Fixed a bug where the Hire2Retire workflow attempted to update the proxy address attribute, even if it did not exist in the user's AD schema. The workflow now detects the user's AD schema and only updates attributes that are available.
  3. Addressed the issue where users on leave lifecycle were not properly disabled.
  4. Fixed the issue where whitelisting groups was not working properly in the update operation. Users can now successfully whitelist groups as intended.
  5. Error messages have been enhanced to provide more detailed information, aiding in troubleshooting and issue resolution.
  6. Resolved the filter issue that caused partial events to display incorrectly on the observe page.
  7. Fixed the issue where the manager ID was added to terminated accounts, ensuring that manager ID is no longer associated with terminated accounts.
  8. Corrected the event count on the observe page to reflect accurate totals. Success, partial success, and fail events are now counted as part of the "total number of employees processed" while scheduled events are excluded from the count.
  9. Included proxy address change and thumbnail photo change for each processed employee profile on the observe page.
  10. Fixed the issue for not able to update phone number in User Profile page.
  11. Improved the performance and loading time for rendering events on the observe page.