To allow Hire2Retire to listen to the events from HR System and to perform in Active Directory, you will need to grant permission to Hire2Retire so that it can access the right information for your workflows to operate smoothly. Every cloud application has a different way of authenticating third-party applications to access data on behalf of their users.

Hire2Retire supports the SFTP and LDAP types of connections, so there are two nodes for each type. On clicking the respective node, you will see a page open to add a connection. If you already have connections, then it will be shown in the available connection list. If a particular connection is selected from the available connection list or a new connection is added, then that connection will become selected connection. To know the details of your selected and available connection you can click on the arrow provided to the left of your connection. Once you have successfully configured both the nodes you can click on Configure Workflow button on bottom left and configure the rest of the flow.

Connection Overview

Figure 1. Connection Overview

To know how to set up SFTP and LDAP connection, click on the respective link.