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Phase 6.3 Release Notes

Released on April, 2024


The Hire2Retire Phase 6.3 release introduces a diverse array of new features and improvements that elevate the user experience and streamline talent management processes.

Hire2Retire users can now submit a form and create identities on demand, enabling swift test runs and individual employee processing. Additionally, mail-enabled security group assignment configuration is now supported, facilitating dynamic group membership management. Hire2Retire now also supports various leave types, including FMLA, with distinct rule definitions for each type of leave. Hire2Retire also now supports email writebacks for Paylocity and Oracle HCM, improving communication efficiency.

In addition to these new features, Hire2Retire users can now view detailed group change information for Azure AD and O365 groups and use AI Insights for streamlined group membership configuration. Administrators gain control over data management with selective attribute purging upon termination and automatic profile removal after a specified aging period. The introduction of the conditional shared mailbox feature allows for the preservation of critical employee data post-departure. Additionally, Hire2Retire has expanded its support for userAccountControl values to accommodate various account policy requirements.

New Features

On-Demand Identity Management

Hire2Retire users with file extract-based workflows can now manually submit a form to create employee identities on demand. This feature provides users with the flexibility to conveniently execute test runs or process individual employees in scenarios such as immediate termination or contractor creation. Upon form submission, the employee data will be immediately sent to the Hire2Retire workflow and processed in near real-time.

Leave Scenarios

Hire2Retire now supports additional types of leave, including FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), Security, Disciplinary, and Legal leaves in addition to the existing long-term leave. This change is aligned with the specific management for different leave scenarios. Users can now define distinct rules for each type of leave, such as disabling the user or changing group membership assignments.

Mail-Enabled Security Groups

Hire2Retire now supports a mail-enabled security group assignment configuration in Hybrid AD and Azure AD workflows. During runtime, mail-enabled security group memberships are dynamically assigned or removed based on user-configured group mapping rules.

Email Writeback Support for Paylocity & Oracle HCM

Hire2Retire now allows users to write business emails back to Paylocity and Oracle HCM systems upon successful employee onboarding. This includes the ability to update email addresses when changes occur during the update lifecycle, providing improved communication and quicker response times.


AI Insights for Microsoft 365 groups, Azure Distribution groups, and mail-enabled security groups

Hire2Retire has expanded the capabilities of its AI Insights feature to include Microsoft 365 groups, Azure Distribution groups, and mail-enabled security groups, using machine learning algorithms to analyze employees' current group memberships and generate optimal group membership assignments. This enhancement aims to significantly decrease the time needed to configure group memberships.

Conditional Ticket Creation in ITSM Systems

Hire2Retire has introduced conditional ticket creation functionality within ITSM systems, automatically generating tickets when the attributes and group memberships of targeted employees align with predefined rules. For example, tickets are triggered by name changes or adjustments in specific group memberships. Users can define conditions using complex AND/OR logic based on employee attributes.

Manager Contact Info in Shared Mailboxes

Hire2Retire now supports adding the manager's name and email to the auto-reply message for a shared mailbox. Upon termination, both internal and external individuals will be informed about the appropriate contact person for further assistance.

Determine Employee Start Date with the Rehire Date

Hire2Retire now supports the Rehire date within the Employment Status section of the Identity tab. This feature will benefit HR professionals who utilize the hire date and rehire date as the start date of employment upon hiring or rehiring. Hire2Retire will prioritize the rehire date as the start date if it is provided; otherwise, it will use the hire date.

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. Enhanced Azure AD Connector performance, significantly reducing processing time for employee data.
  2. Hire2Retire now can create multiple proxy addresses.
  3. The file monitoring feature is now supported by default in Hire2Retire, simplifying user settings from the UX.
  4. UX labels have been improved, and minor layout adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.
  5. The value of the "msExchangeHideFromAddressList" attribute in Active Directory is displayed in employee data under the observe page, allowing users to monitor changes in the user's status.
  6. the value of the "showInAddressList" attribute in Azure's employee data is now displayed under the observe page.
  7. The Documentation for the 8x8 application for provisioning is now available for the user's reference.
  8. Hir2Retire now supports additional special characters upon setting a sign-in password.
  9. The supported date format under the “HR Data Definition” step is now set as the default date format for the selected HR systems. It will provide clarity regarding the supported date formats across different HR systems.