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HR Data Definition (Workday API Integration)

Here, you need to select employee attributes that you want to be processed for the employee along with the polling interval for Workday® API Integration. You can also apply custom filters on the report data.

Full Extract

If you have selected Full Extract then a full report for all the selected attributes from the employee attributes will be generated. This report will be generated on the basis of type of polling interval selected.

Workday<sup>®</sup> API Full Extract

Figure 1. Workday® API full extract.

Delta Extract

A report containing all the updatable entries that have been updated in the last polling interval will be generated if the user selects 'Delta Extract'.

Workday<sup>®</sup> API Delta Extract

Figure 2. Workday® API delta extract.

For polling, you can refer to Workday® API polling.

Initial one-time full load

You can select the Initial one-time full load checkbox if you want to receive an initial pull of the full report as soon as the flow is deployed.

Workday<sup>®</sup> API One-time Initial load

Figure 3. Workday® API initial one-time load.

Select employee attributes you want to process

You can select the employee attributes defined in the Workday® API that you want to be processed by Hire2Retire. Hire2Retire pre-selects important attributes. Pre-selected attributes can be removed by you if you don't want them included in the report.

Workday<sup>®</sup> API Employee Attributes

Figure 4. Workday® API employee attributes.

And, if you have enabled 'Future Hire, Rehire and Termination' on Application page then following fields will appear such as (Date Format and Time Zone).

Select Date Format

For Workday®, the date format supported in Hire2Retire is YYYY-MM-DD. You need to select this format to proceed with Future Hire and Termination.

Details of Date Format

Figure 5. Details of Date Format

Select Time Zone

Choose the time zone in which you want to process the scheduled hire, rehire and termination events.

Single time zone

All the scheduled hire, rehire and termination events will be executed in a selected time zone. The default time zone is America/New York.

Details of Single Time Zone

Figure 6. Details of single time zone

Multiple time zone

Here, scheduled hire, rehire and termination records will be executed in the time zone based on the condition defined by HR data. For instance, if your organization has offices in various locations, each one will be able to choose its time zone based on its specific location.

Details of Multiple Time Zone

Figure 7. Details of multiple time zone

Apply Selection Criteria

Hire2Retire enables you to process specific events and filter out the rest by defining filter criteria. On clicking the Apply Filter button, you will be able to set up conditions using employee attributes. Only employees whose attributes match the conditions will be processed from Workday® to AD. You can create complex filters using And or Or conditions.

Event Filtering for Workday<sup>®</sup> API Data

Figure 8. Event filtering for Workday® API data for Future Hire, Rehire and Termination.