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The Hire2Retire Phase 4.3 release adds some new features and significant enhancements to the product based on market needs and customer feedback.
Hire2Retire now supports Paycom HR platform allowing customers to integrate with Paycom and sync employee lifecycle to AD using employee extract via a Paycom-hosted SFTP server.
We have also added a flow restore feature for users to recover or restore their last known good running state of the workflow. If anything breaks in your workflow, RoboMQ can help you quickly restore the workflow temporarily while you fix the problem. Another improvement added is the ability to get RoboMQ support team informed upon your workflow errors so that they can proactively help you solve the problem the first time when the issue happens.

In addition to the above there are other minor improvements to existing capabilities and bug fixes that are listed at the bottom of this note.

Support Paycom as new HR system

This is a New Feature in the Hire2Retire Platform. Hire2Retire now supports a new HR system: Paycom. At runtime, the Hire2Retire flow will retrieve employee extract from a Paycom-hosted SFTP server. For this integration with Paycom Hire2Retire will support RSA Key authentication and username & password challenge. There is no impact on users’ existing flows.

Ability to revert and restore previous versions of a deployed workflow

This is a New Feature in the Hire2Retire Platform. RoboMQ will now store a previously deployed workflow state, allowing the user to revert and restore to the last known good running state. In case of an issue where something goes wrong after redeploying your workflow you can reach out to the RoboMQ support team, who able to restore your flow temporarily while the issue is being fixed. In the future releases we will provide the ability to revert and restore to a previous version of the workflow from the user interface in a self-service mode without engaging support. There is no impact on users’ existing flows.

Automatic Notification to the RoboMQ support team of data errors from Hire2Retire flows

This is a feature enhancement in the Hire2Retire Platform Once a user turns on the event notification for a workflow, the RoboMQ support team will also get notified if there are any data-related failure events from your workflow. The support team will check the issue at the first time and engage with you to solve the problem based on its severity and nature. This change is fully backward compatible with current flows. The RoboMQ team will start receiving error notifications from current Hire2Retire flows after this release.

Handle long SFTP username for RoboMQ SFTP server

This is a feature enhancement in the Hire2Retire Platform. Hire2Retire generates a SFTP username from the Hire2Retire username. Since SFTP usernames have a length limit of 32 characters there were situations where this limitation was creating issues. Therefore SFTP username generation rules have been updated to support various possible scenarios and handle this limitation.

  1. If a username does not exceed 32 characters then we will follow the current format as {first name}{last name}{domain} (E.g.: jason_smith_robomq)
  2. If a username exceeds the 32 characters thenwe will use the SFTP username format as {first name}{lastname_initial}{domain} (E.g.: jason_s_robomq)
    1. If the application of this rule still exceeds 32 characters, then Hire2Retire will create SFTP username as: {firstname_initial}{lastname}{domain} (E.g.: j_smith_robomq)
    2. If thill still exceeds 32 characters, then: {firstname_initial}{lastname_initial}{domain} (E.g.: j_s_robomq)

There is no impact on users’ existing flows. Users can redeploy the existing workflows to adopt this new feature.

Fixed Bugs

  1. Removed invalid AD attributes
  2. Fixed the process of handling msExchHideFromAddressLists attribute and it will only be modified when this attribute exists in user’s AD schema.
  3. Fixed the invalid indication on connection tab
  4. Fixed a bug in the search flow function
  5. Fixed “filter by flow status” function on observe page
  6. Fixed the issue of having duplicate email template name
  7. Updated the look and feel of unsaved form warning dialog
  8. Fixed the “Search Email Template” function on flow design page
  9. Fixed an issue when updating filter value on “HR employee profile definition” step
  10. Fixed bug in excel function “Now()”
  11. Fixed issue of displaying custom email template selection on overview page
  12. Fixed an extra space issue in dropdown view
  13. Fixed the data issue in flow overview page when discard flow changes
  14. Fix a bug in delete email template scenario
  15. Fixed the label of connection type on application page and account setting page
  16. Added support for “employeeHireDate” AD attribute
  17. Fixed the save flow issue on “Distribution List Assignment” step for AD when AD has no distribution groups defined