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Phase 6.1 Release Notes

Released on Feb, 2024


The Hire2Retire Phase 6.1 release introduces a wide range of new features and improvements that elevate the Hire2Retire user experience, streamline HR processes, and meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Notable additions include API integration for UKG Pro, Paylocity, and Workday, support for ADP Recruitment, support for the HiBob HRIS system, and SolarWinds integration for enhanced ITSM capabilities. In addition, AI Insights uses machine learning for group membership configurations, Email Encryption, and dynamic recipient definitions in email templates for smarter workflow management and heightened security.

Hire2Retire users can also now dynamically define email recipients based on HR or AD attributes and activate employee accounts before their start date, and a new UPN Duplication Handling Rule increases UPN name assignment flexibility. These enhancements reinforce Hire2Retire's commitment to providing a comprehensive, user-friendly HR management solution, empowering organizations to optimize their processes and improve efficiency.

New Features

API-Based Integrations for UKG Pro, Paylocity, and Workday

Hire2Retire now supports API integration solutions for UKG Pro, Paylocity, and Workday. In contrast to the conventional file extract method, customers can use an API solution to efficiently set up employee lifecycle synchronization between HCMs and Directory Services. API solutions enable adaptable data retrieval with customizable schedules that offer enhanced flexibility to users.

HR Application Support: HiBob Integration

The Hire2Retire platform now seamlessly integrates with HiBob as an HRIS system for Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, and Google Directory Integration. Hire2Retire users can now fetch employee data from HiBob and subsequently generate and modify employee profiles in the designated AD system based on predefined attribute mappings. Two distinct data integration methods are available: API integration and File Extract.

ATS Application Support: ADP Recruitment Integration

Hire2Retire has expanded its ATS support to include ADP Recruitment. This enhancement is particularly advantageous for customers who need to preboard employees before their addition to the HCM system and commencement of their start date. Users can configure preboarding at specific recruitment stages, such as after the employee accepts the offer or when paperwork is sent, and the employee account will be generated in a disabled state in the Directory Service. Comprehensive configuration options are available for the Hire, Update, and Termination lifecycles within this integration.

AI Insights for OU Mapping and Group Membership Configurations

Hire2Retire has introduced AI Insights, a revolutionary approach to simplify and streamline workflow configurations through the integration of machine learning for group membership mappings. With AI Insights, Hire2Retire leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze the current distribution of employees in the Active Directory and their existing group memberships. The system then suggests groups based on selected HR attributes and values. This innovative feature is designed to substantially reduce configuration time, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

SolarWinds Integration for ITSM

Hire2Retire now supports seamless integrations with SolarWinds, providing businesses with the capability to optimize IT operations and elevate customer satisfaction. With SolarWinds configured on Hire2Retire, users can automate various processes, including incident, problem, and change management within specified lifecycle phases. This integration enhances efficiency and ensures a more streamlined approach to IT service management.

Expanded SCIM Connectors

Hire2Retire continues to enhance its SCIM provisioning capabilities by introducing support for eight additional third-party applications. Users can now establish seamless integrations between Hire2Retire and these applications, automating the provisioning and de-provisioning processes for targeted employees. The newly supported applications are:

  1. Planview
  2. Paymo
  3. SailPoint
  4. Webex
  5. Asgardeo
  6. Genesys
  7. CyberArk
  8. Webflow


Email Encryption

Hire2Retire has introduced an Email Encryption feature that provides users with options to encrypt lifecycle event notifications. This enhancement specifically targets onboarding emails that may contain sensitive information, such as initial account passwords. With the addition of email encryption, Hire2Retire has enhanced password security and addressed user concerns related to the transmission of plain-text passwords via email.

Dynamic Recipient Definition in Lifecycle Email Templates

Hire2Retire now has a more user-friendly approach to defining recipients in lifecycle email templates. Instead of relying on Excel functions, users can now easily establish rules using HR or AD attributes. When the specified HR or AD attributes match, the designated recipients will automatically be assigned to the selected email templates, simplifying the process and providing greater flexibility in email template customization.

Account Activation Before Start Date

Hire2Retire now allows users to activate employee accounts before the official start date, allowing activation options from 3 hours before the preboarding date. This feature can be used to let new employees set up their laptops and be fully prepared to start work on their first day of work.

Additional UPN Duplication Handling Rule

Hire2Retire has introduced a new UPN duplication handling rule to accommodate various business use cases:

Initial UPN will be set as [first name intial/preferred name_initia][last name], and the duplication UPN will be set as [first name /preferred name][last name]

Fixed Bugs and minor improvements

  1. The Event Processing Report Schedule no longer requires users to select a specific duration. Instead, Hire2Retire generates the report based on the selected weekdays and the duration between them, streamlining the scheduling process.
  2. Hire2Retire now handles large files efficiently for Event Processing Reports. There is no longer a 25MB email attachment limit. Instead, the platform utilizes a pre-signed URL on AWS S3. This allows users to share a link to download the report when the file exceeds 25MB, ensuring seamless accessibility.
  3. Users can now easily identify the accounts used for setting up connections, as Hire2Retire provides clear display options for Azure AD and EXO Connection Details, enhancing transparency and user understanding.
  4. In addition to writing emails back to ADP during the onboarding process, Hire2Retire now supports work email writeback in update operations, providing a more comprehensive email management solution.
  5. Hire2Retire now gives users the option to purge AD attributes when the mapped value is empty, offering more control and flexibility in attribute management.
  6. The platform has enhanced error messaging by incorporating more instructive suggestions.
  7. Fixed User Experience (UX) component overlapping issues.