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Actions On an Email Template

Template Actions

Figure 1. Email Template Actions.

After creating an email template, there will be an expandable row which shows following details about template.

  • Template Name: Name of the email template.
  • Notify Manager: It tells if the email will be sent to manager or not. Value of Notify Manager will be either a check or blank. If you checks Notify Manger Checkbox while creating template, there will be check, otherwise a blank.
  • Lifecycle Events: It tells for which lifecycle events the respective template has been created.
  • Used By: It tells the number of flows that are using the respective email template. On clicking it, you can see the fows using this template.

    Template Actions

    Figure 2. Used by dialog box.

Deleting a Template

You can delete a template only if it is not used by any flows otherwise, in dialog box delete button will remain disabled.

Delete Template

Figure 3. Deleting a template used in zero flow

Clone Template

This option creates a clone of the template. The clone is identical to the original template and can be edited to create a similar changes.

Edit a Template

When you will open a template, then it can be edited only if the template is not used in any flow. After editing, select Save to save that template and the updated template will be shown in the flow.

Delete Template

Figure 4. Editing a template used in zero flow

Delete Template

Figure 5. Save edited template used in zero flow