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Using the Integration capabilities on Hire2Retire you can create Issues on Jira Work Management for various employee lifecycle changes. Read the official documentation of Jira Work Management here.

Jira Work Management on Hire2Retire

Figure 1. Jira Work Management on Hire2Retire

Configuring Issues to be created on Jira Work Management

Create Issue(s)

You can create one or more issue(s) according to the requirement. The selected operation(s) and summary will be reflected in the summary table. You can edit and delete the issue(s) as per the need.

Conditional ITSM

You can give specific condition(s) based on attribute(s) and group(s) membership to process integration. The ticket(s) will be processed if the user has been added or removed from the specified group(s) or if certain attribute(s) matches the given condition(s).

For example, if the employee is promoted to the position of senior software developer, then the integration ticket can be made to assign them a new MacBook Pro.

Jira Software on Hire2Retire

Figure 2. Conditional ITSM on Hire2Retire

Choose Operation(s)

You can choose the operation(s) on which the sepcific issue(s) are created in the Jira Work Management. Following are the lifecycle operations for issues that can be created on Jira Work Management:

  1. Create/Reactivate
  2. Update
  3. Terminate
  4. Leave

Jira Work Management Operations

Figure 3. Configure lifecycle operations for Jira Work Management

Select Project

You can select the Project from the dropdown list. The list contains all the Jira Work Management projects of your organization.

Select Issue type

The list contains all the Issue types in the selected project.

Select attributes

You can select the attributes of the Work Management issue that you want to populate. You can map values from the AD to populate these attributes. You can also use Hire2Retire's powerful data transformation capabilities using Excel Style functions.

Jira Work Management Configure Request

Figure 4. Configuring Issues for Jira Work Management on Hire2Retire