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PagerDuty on Hire2Retire uses API Key Authentication.

An API key serves as a security token, facilitating authentication and authorization to access and interact with the SCIM API offered by the application. PagerDuty provides a number of ways to interact with a PagerDuty account for the users. The REST API they provide allows you to add and configure users on a PagerDuty account including provisioning and deprovisioning, that is hire, update, terminate and rehire users.

Please refer to the document User Provisioning for rest APIs to know more about User Provisioning with API authentication in PagerDuty.

PagerDuty supports roles to assign to users which have admin and managerial access. You can map these roles to different category of users based on filters.

We at RoboMQ pay utmost attention to keep your account secure. See our Security and Privacy Policies to learn more about how RoboMQ handles your account access.

Object Permission
User Can Provision and Deprovision Users

Create account in PagerDuty

PagerDuty provides a trial 14 days account for developers. Please refer to create a trial account on PagerDuty.

Get API Key

Login into your account

Go to PagerDuty Login/SignUpand access your account.
You can refer to PagerDuty Login for the same.

Generate API Key

To generate a general access REST API Key,

  • In the web app, navigate to  Integrations, then API Access Keys  under  Developer Tools.

Apps and integrations in PagerDuty

Figure 1. Apps and Integration in PagerDuty
  • Click Create New API Key.

Add API Key in PagerDuty

Figure 2. Add API Key in PagerDuty
  • Enter a Description to identify a Key Later.

Add description for key

Figure 3. Add API Key description in PagerDuty
  • Optionally check Read-only API Key if you’d like the key to only make get calls.

  • Click Create Key.

Create Key

Figure 4. Create API Key in PagerDuty

To link your PagerDuty account using API Key, you have to specify only the API key generated.

PagerDuty Login

Figure 5. Link Account in PagerDuty on RoboMQ Hire2Retire

After successfully linking PagerDuty account on RoboMQ Hire2Retire, you can map roles to users based on different conditions or process all employees at once.