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UKG Pro API Integration Connection

UKG Pro is a provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions to employers. It is considered a fit for midsized and large scale companies. UKG Pro API will use UKG Pro Rest API to fetch all the employees’ data.

Create a Connection

Hire2Retire requires the following details to create a connection with your UKG Pro server:

  • Connection Name - A user-defined nomenclature for your connection. By default, the connection name is "Connection-Basic Auth-1", you can change the name as per your preference.

  • UKG Pro Service Endpoint - This is the Service Endpoint URL to interact with UKG Pro API. For account of every organisation, UKG Pro provides a separate Endpoint URL. This URL is generated at the time of account creation and the same is used to access the UI portal.

  • Username - UKG Pro provides a feature to create a Webservice account to provide delegate permissions to an entity. You can create one by navigating to System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration, on the portal. Enter the username of the Webservice user in this field.

  • Password - Enter the password of the Webservice user.

  • Webservice User API Key - Enter the API key of the Webservice user. You can create it by navigating to System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration, on the portal.

Connection page

Figure 1. UKG Pro API Connection Set Up page - Create Connection


Once you have successfully configured the connections, you can continue with the Design section to configure the rest of the workflow following these steps in order.

  1. HR Data Definition
  2. Lifecycle Business Rules
  3. Employment Status
  4. HR to AD Profile Map
  5. Organizational Unit Assignment - Only defined in on-premise Active Directory
  6. Security Group Assignment
  7. Distribution List Assignment


Once your workflow has been setup, you can optionally setup notifications and archival for your workflow.

Otherwise, you can proceed to deploy and test it on the Hire2Retire platform, see Deploy and Test Flow