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Rippling polling

Select polling interval

Daily Pull

Rippling Daily pull

Figure 1. Rippling daily pull.

Here, you need to fill two fields:

  1. Select Days : You need to select the days on which the report will be processed. You can select a single day, multiple days or all days.
  2. Select timezone : In this you need to select time zone according to which you want to generate the report. For example, if you selects Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) then the current report will be generated according to UTC timings.

Pull at a specific interval

Rippling Pull at specific

Figure 2. Rippling pull at a specific interval.

Select polling Interval: This dropdown consists of the time intervals after which the report will be generated.The minimum polling interval is 1 hour. you can select the time interval from it as per the requirements to generate the report.