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Workday HRM Use Cases

Here are a few popular use-cases of Workday integrations with other applications available on Connect iPaaS:

Workday + Dynamics 365 CRM | Employee Contact Creation

With this use case, you can automate the employee contact creation process. The workflow shows how a new employee record gets created or updated in Workday, which leads to the creation of new contact records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with attributes like Name, Job Title, and Work Email.

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Workday + Active Directory + ServiceNow + PagerDuty | Employee Onboarding

This use case shows how a new employee record created in Workday triggers an action to create a new employee record in Active Directory with details like Reporting Name, Employee Name along with Login Domain, and Password. Further, a new incident ticket gets created in ServiceNow to notify the support helpdesk as well as via PagerDuty to automate the process of employee onboarding.

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