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Workday HRM Connection

Workday HRM application on Connect iPaaS uses the Basic Authentication method. By linking your Workday account with Connect iPaaS, the process will perform an operation on your Workday instance with the user account you have provided.

Create a Connection

You need to fill the following information to link your Workday HRM account with Connect iPaaS. You can find the values by signing in to your organization’s Workday Account.

"Workday HRM Connection Page"

Figure 1. Workday HRM Connection Page

  1. User Name
    Integration security username.
  2. Password
    Integration security user password.
  3. Tenant ID
    Company name in the URL. E.g.,<company name>/Human_Resources/v33.0?wsdl.
    Any Workday WSDL URL for example Click here to check how to get the WSDL URL.