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WhatsApp Overview

WhatsApp is a free messaging and voice communication platform that allows its users to chat via private and group message, call via audio and video, as well as share documents, pictures, locations, and other media. As of February 2020, it has over 20 billion users worldwide. As a marketing tool, it can also be used by companies to advertise or let their customer base know about their products and services.

WhatsApp on Connect iPaaS

Connect iPaaS enables you to integrate WhatsApp with other SaaS and enterprise applications. You can build a workflow to send or receive WhatsApp messages based on events set up in other applications, all in real-time. Some integrations that you can create in Connect iPaaS could be, sending a notification to your customers telling them that a new item went on sale, or you may want to create a helpdesk service workflow to provide customer support when someone sends a help request to your WhatsApp number.

Important Note: Due to current API limitations on the WhatsApp platform, you will need to go through Twilio to be able to use WhatsApp in your workflows. When making your WhatsApp connection, enter your Twilio credentials since you will be using the Twilio connection to use the WhatsApp application. More information on WhatsApp and Twilio can be found in their learn more page.

Whatsap Application on Connect

Figure 1. WhatsApp Application on Connect iPaaS