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WhatsApp Event Filter

Connect iPaaS enables you to select specific events and filter out unwanted events using certain attributes of the incoming WhatsApp events. This ability allows selective processing of the events of interest.

Event Filtering for SharePoint on Connect iPaaS

Figure 1. Event Filtering for WhatsApp on Connect iPaaS

In the example shown above, the workflow will only be triggered when the body of the Twilio WhatsApp message contains the phrases Help or Lost Account. This filter will most likely be used to filter out a specific kind of help request sent to your WhatsApp help number.

WhatsApp has event filters that can allow you to choose the attributes of the incoming trigger events and to define the selection criteria of those events. The currently available attributes on Connect iPaaS are the following:

  • To - Your business WhatsApp number, or in the case of the sandbox, the sandbox WhatsApp number
  • From - Your customer's WhatsApp number
  • Body - The message body of the WhatsApp message

See Event Filters to learn more about event filtering on Connect iPaaS.