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WhatsApp Data Mapping

Data Mapping and Transformation is one of the powerful features of Connect iPaaS. When you create a workflow, certain attributes of your trigger application are available to the Action application for data mapping while making API calls. These are called Dynamics Attributes.

These attributes can be mapped to the specific attributes of the Action application. This powerful capability not only allows field mapping but it also allows complex transformation using excel style functions to apply hundreds of formulas and operations. The choice of excel style function makes data mapping on Connect iPaaS easy for business users who are already well versed with Microsoft Excel formulas.

Example Scenario with WhatsApp Trigger

To illustrate the power of data mapping and transformation, we will configure a Salesforce action to create a task for follow-up with a customer who sent a help request to a WhatsApp help number. When creating a task in Salesforce, we need to record the customer's phone number, help request, and time of the request.

Data Mapping on Whatsapp application

Figure 1. Data Mapping on WhatsApp Application

As shown in the Figure above, we are mapping the parameters from the WhatsApp "New WhatsApp message Received" trigger to the Salesforce action for creating a task. Each task will have the time the help was requested, who sent the request, and the status set to "Not Started" so that the customer care team can know which ticket needs to be attended first.