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Smartsheet Event Filter

Connect iPaaS enables you to select specific events and filter out the rest using certain attributes of the incoming data from Smartsheet. This ability allows selective processing of the events of interest.

You can filter the data by putting the filtration criteria. You can filter out data depending on your sheet columns.

For example, if your sheet contains Employee data with columns like FirstName, LastName, Age, Department, Employee Status, Worker Category, etc., you can filter out Employee on basis of these column data.

As you set up the connection for the Smartsheet and select the sheet to narrow down the event data, you can add a filter over the trigger entity.

Smartsheet Event Filters

Figure 1. Event Filtering for Smartsheet

In the example shown above, the workflow will only be triggered when the Employee Status is Active and the Worker Category is Full Time.

See Event Filters to learn more about event filtering on Connect iPaaS.