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Slack Use Cases

Here are a few popular use-cases of Slack integrations with other applications available on Connect iPaaS:

Slack+ Salesforce + SAP C4 | Quick Customer Interaction

With this use case, you can foster quicker customer interaction and engagement by configuring instant alert for the customer service team via Slack as and when a new chat entity gets created in SAPC4 and the same is mapped in the Salesforce contact database.

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Slack + HubSpot + ServiceNow | New Customer Onboarding

Upon creation of new leads in HubSpot, this use case shows how you can automatically create new incidents in ServiceNow and notify the sales team member via Slack to enable faster onboarding of new customers.

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Slack + Dynamics 365 CRM + Salesforce + ServiceNow | Sales Automation

You can easily automate the sales process and lead sharing between partner applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce in this use case. As and when new leads get created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it triggers the creation of new leads also in the vendor's Salesforce account. A new incident further gets created in ServiceNow to notify the respective team members via Slack channel for the new leads created.

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