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Slack Actions

Actions are the operations (or API operations) that you can perform on Slack by a simple drag and drop and data mapping of elements and values from an input trigger, derived values using formulas, or a desired constant that you may wish to map.

Any action type you select in Connect iPaaS is the automation of what you can do manually in Slack.

To show you how actions work in Connect iPaaS, we will use the use-case of a Slack channel being used to alert a sales team when a New Lead trigger event has been sent from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 trigger. This Slack channel alert will be a simple post with information about the new Hot Lead.

Set up a Slack action in your workflow

Action for Slack Application on Connect iPaaS

Figure 1. Action for Slack Application on Connect iPaaS

You will first need to select an action type from the Slack connector, as shown in Figure 1. Here we have chosen the "Post Message" action type. After you have chosen the action type and setup the connection, you will then see a list of configurations to choose from, the following sections explain what each does.

Setting up a Slack Action

Figure 2. Setting up a Slack action on Connect iPaaS


Select a Slack channel where you want to send a message to. Note: You will only be able to send messages to channels you have permission to send to. If you don't have permission to send messages to a certain channel, the channel won't appear in the Connect iPaaS dropdown menu.

User to mention

If you need to get an individual's attention, you can simply mention them by selecting your teammates in the dropdown list. There may be events that require a group of people, User to mention allows you to mention as many people as you want. Please refer to this page to know more about mentioning people in a Slack Channel. Note: When mentioning teammates in a channel, only people existing in that channel can be mentioned.

Send message as a user

If you want to send a message to a channel and have it appear as if you sent it, tick the Send message as a User checkbox, otherwise, it will appear as if the Connect iPaaS application has sent the message.

Add Channel

You have the option to send a message to multiple channels at a time by using the Add Channel button. In this case, you might want to have the event-channel know about the new hot leads as well, as shown in Figure 3.

Adding a Channel in Slack

Figure 3. Adding a Channel in Slack on Connect iPaaS


A text-box where you can build the message that will be sent to Slack. You can also use the Data Mapping & Transformation feature to create a meaningful Slack message.