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SharePoint Use Cases

Here are a few popular use-cases of SharePoint integrations with other applications available on Connect iPaaS:

SharePoint + Salesforce + AWS S3 | Data Lake Creation

This use case shows how you can easily create automatic data lakes and save the information of leads in SharePoint. You can see, whenever contacts with annual revenue of more than 1,000,000 get updated in Salesforce, a new action is triggered in the AWS S3 bucket to update the data in the Company folder. Further, the same data gets updated in SharePoint under the relevant site and folder.

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SharePoint + Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM | Resource Management

This integration between SharePoint and Dynamics 365 CRM shows how you can efficiently manage files, resources, and documents with ease. You can see a new file record gets created/updated in the SharePoint site with details like File Name, Entity, and Version Number upon creation of newly Signed Contract in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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SharePoint + QuickBooks + ServiceNow | Streamlined Reporting

This workflow shows how every new modification in the client reports in QuickBooks triggers an action in SharePoint to save the report file with information like Document Number, Created Time, Updated Time, and Status for sharing with other departments. There is also a simultaneous action in ServiceNow to identify and follow up on the relevant Document Number, which imparts better visibility of accounting reports across departments.

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