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SharePoint Event Filter

Connect iPaaS enables you to select specific events and filter out the rest using certain attributes of the incoming SharePoint event. This ability allows selective processing of the events of interest.

Event Filters for SharePoint

Figure 1. Event Filtering for SharePoint on Connect iPaaS

In the example shown above, the workflow will only be triggered when the Author's name starts with John AND he has created a Microsoft Word file with the file extension .docx OR the editor's name starts with John AND John has edited an Excel file with file extension .xlsx.

The event filter allows you to choose the attributes of the incoming trigger event to define the selection criteria of events to process. In the case of SharePoint, the trigger events can be filtered based on the following attributes:

  • Author - Name of Author
  • Editor - Name of Editor
  • Length - Length of file
  • Level - Depth of file in the directory structure
  • Name - File Name
  • Server Relative URL - It is based on the domain (which might be the name of a server) address and always begins with a forward slash. It specifies a complete path from the top-level website to the file name. For example:
/[ sites/] Web_Site/ Lists/ List_Title/ AllItems.aspx.

See Event Filters to learn more about event filtering on Connect iPaaS.