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ServiceNow Usecases

Here are a few popular use-cases of ServiceNow integrations with other applications available on Connect iPaaS:

ServiceNow + Salesforce + Smartsheet | Automated Record-Keeping

This integration between ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Smartsheet lets you share updates with the team to keep everyone on the same page and automate the record-keeping. A new incident created in ServiceNow triggers the creation of a new object in Salesforce, which leads to adding new records in Smartsheet by adding a new row automatically.

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ServiceNow + PagerDuty | Streamlined Incident Response

With this integration, you can streamline the supply chain incidents on Connect iPaaS. Upon creation of new ServiceNow incidents, new incidents also get created in PagerDuty without impacting the overall service and timeline.

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ServiceNow + Salesforce | Streamlined Customer Support

Gain full visibility between departments or partners by automating the creation of new incidents in ServiceNow for every new customer case generated in Salesforce and expedite the customer support services.

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