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Salesforce Use Cases

Here are a few popular use-cases of Salesforce integrations with other applications available on Connect iPaaS:

Salesforce + ServiceNow | Streamlined Customer Support

Gain full visibility between departments or partners by automating the creation of new incidents in ServiceNow for every new customer case generated in Salesforce and expedite the customer support services.

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Salesforce + HubSpot + Smartsheet | Inactive Lead Management

This use case showcases how you can identify inactive leads in Salesforce by filtering them based on Email Bounced Date as well as Last Viewed Date. This triggers an event in HubSpot to tag the same inactive leads as Dead Leads, which are then deleted from Salesforce and HubSpot database and stored in Smartsheet for future reference.

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Salesforce + AWS S3 + SharePoint | Data Lake Creation

This use case shows how you can easily create automatic data lakes. Whenever contacts with annual revenue of more than 1,000,000 get updated in Salesforce, a new action is triggered in the AWS S3 bucket to update the data in the Company folder. Further, the same data gets updated in SharePoint under the relevant site and folder.

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