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SAP C4 Actions

Actions are the operations (or API operations) that you can perform on SAP C4 by a simple drag and drop and data mapping of elements and values from input trigger, derived values using formulas or a desired constant that you may wish to map.

All of the actions that you see below automate what you can do manually on SAP C4.

As shown below, you can Create, Update, or Delete any SAP C4 Object in your SAP C4 instance based in response to a trigger event.

Action for SAP C4 on Connect iPaaS

Figure 1. Actions for SAP C4 on Connect iPaaS

Set up SAP C4 action in your workflow

Create Object

Select the SAP C4 entity and fill values in all the fields. The attributes required for creating the specified entity will be shown on the page. You can add the optional attributes of your entity by clicking on the + button.

SAP C4 Create Object Action

Figure 2. SAP C4 Create Object Action

For example in Figure 2 above, when a Contact Object is created in Salesforce, a contact will be created in SAP C4. The attributes from the Salesforce Contact are used to create attributes of SAP C4 Contact.

  • LastName in SAP C4 is mapped to Name-LastName from Salesforce.
  • The value of the dropdown LanguageCode in SAP C4 is evaluated to Languages from Salesforce using the Evaluate functionality.

Delete Object

Choose the SAP C4 entity that you want to delete upon receiving the trigger event. You can create complex conditions using AND and OR logic. You can also map data from the the trigger application to create the selection condition.

Delete Object Action in SAP C4

Figure 3. Delete Object Action in SAP C4

For example in Figure 3 above, all the Contacts in SAP C4 with the name same as Name of the Contact created in Salesforce will be deleted.

Update Object

After selecting the action as "Update Object", you can choose the SAP C4 entity and the corresponding fields you want to update upon receiving the trigger event. You need to provide the search criteria for Connect iPaaS to update the corresponding SAP object.

In the example below, when an object is updated in Salesforce, SAP C4 will update the Department of all the Contacts whose department contains HR with the department name from Salesforce.

SAP C4 Update Object

Figure 4. Update Object Action in SAP C4