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Procore Event Filter

Connect iPaaS enables you to filter and select only certain Procore events based on the available parameters from Procore. This ability allows selective processing of the events of interest.

Event Filters for Procore

Figure 1. Event Filtering for Procore on Connect iPaaS

In the above example, the workflow will only be triggered when the Status of the created RFI is Active and the RFI is Accepted.

The event filters allow you to define the selection criteria of events to process. The trigger events can be filtered based on the attributes.

For example, if you select the entity RFI for your trigger, you can use the following attributes for event filtering.

  • Draft - Whether the RFI is draft or not.
  • Subject - The subject of the RFI.
  • Number - RFI Number of the RFI.
  • Private - If the RFI is private.
  • Created At - The date/time of creation of RFI.
  • Due Date - The due date of the RFI.
  • Accepted - If the RFI is accepted or not.
  • Status - Status of RFI, can be Open, Closed, Draft.
  • Assigned ID - ID of the assigned user on that RFI.
  • Responsible Contractor ID - ID of the Contractor Responsible for that RFI.
  • Cost Code ID - Cost Code associated with that RFI.
  • Location ID - Location ID of the RFI.
  • RFI Manager ID - ID of the RFI Manager.
  • Ball in Court ID - ID of the person who is currently responsible for this RFI. It can either be the Assignees or the Manager.

You can select the attributes of the entity that you have selected for filtering the incoming events. Click here to learn more about all the entities on Procore and their attributes.