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Outlook Data Mapping

Data Mapping and Transformation is one of the powerful features of Connect iPaaS. When you create a workflow, certain data points of your Trigger application are available in the Action application for data mapping.

These Data Mapping can be mapped to the specific attributes of the Action application. This powerful capability not only allows field mapping but also the complex transformation using excel style functions with hundreds of formulas and operations.

Example Scenario with Outlook Trigger

When your workflow has Outlook as the trigger application, you can access the following attributes in the action applications while designing your workflow.

Field Description
Cc-Name Name of the CCed entity
Cc-Email Address Email address of the CCed entity
Date-Email Send Date on which email was sent
From-Email Address Sender's email address
From-Name Sender's name
Subject Subject of the email
To-Email Address Receiver's email address
To-Name Receiver's name
HTML Body (plain text) The content of email in plain text
HTML Body (HTML) The content of an email in HTML

Data Mapping on Outlook application

Figure 1. Data Mapping on Outlook Application

As shown in figure 1 above, the Key Name of the Redis is mapped with the value of From-Email Address from Outlook. The Value is mapped with To-Email Address.