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Nexmo Event Filter

Connect iPaaS provides event filters that enable you to define the selection criteria of events to process. The criteria use attributes of the incoming Nexmo trigger event. This allows selective processing of events.

Event Filters for Nexmo

Figure 1. Event Filtering for Nexmo on Connect iPaaS

In the example shown above , the workflow will only be triggered when the message body contains the text Help or Lost Account . So when this trigger is configured, it will be ready to process customer help requests over SMS messages.

The event filters allow you to choose the attributes of the incoming trigger event to define the selection criteria of events to process. In case of Nexmo, the trigger events can be filtered based on the following event attributes:

Attribute Description
MessageId Nexmo's unique identifier for this message
From The phone number that message was sent from. In this example this would the customer's own phone number
Type Type of message e.g. text - standard text, unicode - a text message that contains Unicode characters, binary - a binary message.
Keyword The first word in the message body. If you are using a short code, this will typically be used. Find more information on short codes here.
MessageTime The time when message was sent to Nexmo's Virtual Number, the message time will follow the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

See Event Filters to learn more about event filtering on Connect iPaaS.