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Nexmo Data Mapping

Data Mapping and Transformation is one of the powerful features of Connect iPaaS. When you create a workflow, certain data points of your Trigger application are available in the Action application for data mapping.

These Data Mapping can be mapped to the specific attributes of the Action application. This powerful capability not only allows field mapping but also the complex transformation using excel style functions with hundreds of formulas and operations.

Example Scenario with Nexmo Trigger

Let's take a scenario where you are using Nexmo as a helpline phone number, where a customer can text their help requests when they need help. Once a help request is received, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 task will be created where a member of your customer care team can follow-up with the customer to assist them with their request. Data Mapping and Transformation can help with creating the right task in Dynamics.

To create the task in Dynamics from the Nexmo trigger data attributes. You can simply drag and drop the following from the trigger palette to the action:

Attribute Description
MessageId Nexmo's unique identifier for this message
From The phone number that message was sent from. In this example this would the customer's own phone number
To The phone number that the message was sent to. In this example this would be the Nexmo Virtual Number since that's what your customers will be sending the SMS messages to.
MessageBody The text body of the message.
Type Type of message e.g. text - standard text, unicode - a text message that contains Unicode characters, binary - a binary message.
Keyword The first word in the message body. If you are using a short code, this will typically be used. Find more information on short codes here.
MessageTime The time when message was sent to Nexmo's Virtual Number, the message time will follow the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

Data Mapping on Nexmo application

Figure 1. Data Mapping on Nexmo Application

With this integration of Dynamics with Nexmo, whenever a new help request comes in Nexmo, Connect iPaaS will create a task in Dynamics with the subject including customer's phone number and fill the actual request in the task description.